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Sunday, April 27, 2008


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Saturday, April 05, 2008


James L. Gordon Council's Advance Occular Trek to Mt. Pinatubo in preparation for the
Ang Mo Kio - James L. Gordon Council Joint Activity on May 2008
a narrative report submitted by
ES Cherlowe T. Ramirez
James L. Gordon Council, OJT

(for those who missed the ADVENTURE, duh, just like ME.....Eat your hearts out and wait for the SECOND INVITATION THIS MAY 2008!!!)

The Mount Pinatubo is now a remarkable tourist spot in the Philippines after its explosion in June 1991. This historic landscape is famous around the cities and towns that surrounds it. As history said, it dumped billions of tons of volcanic debris on three provinces, erasing entire farm communities and altering the world's climate. Pinatubo's eruptions were so massive that its top was simply blown away, reducing its height by 300 meters. Rainwater formed a crater lake. During the rainy season, roughly from June to about October, climbing is forbidden as the volcanic debris on its slopes and in river channels become deadly avalanches. Since Pinatubo is classed as one of the country's 22 active volcanoes.

Mount Pinatubo trekking offers a once in a life time experience of the bizarre canyons it has formed just like those in the primitive age. Spectacular lahar formations beyond imagination giving any individual the idea how the earth was formed. It is also famous of the sugar cane wine that is made from the finest sugar cane. The sulfur produced in the water streams ae used in hot spring as treatment to malignant skin disease and it cleanses skin.

The exciting challenge was courageously faced by the following brave young men: Sctr. Don Enrico Concepcion, Outfit Advisor, Outfit No. 88 sponsored by Rotary Club of Metro Olongapo and some of its member, Sct. Patrick Gabrito, Sct. Francis Mayor, Sct. Jhionne Maniago with the cooperation of ES Cherlowe Reinard T. Ramirez to represent CSE Mario Esquillo of James L. Gordon Council due to his strict schedule in the celebration of the Philippine Olympic Festival 2008. Our trek started when we ride the victory liner bus to Layac, Bataan. After that, we wait for the Genesis bus to Capaz, Tarlac. When we arrive at the CALTEX in the Baguio-Luisita-Concepcion intersection. First we had our delicious and energizing breakfast to prepare for yet another travel and walk. We ask for directions from some local residence. Next, we entered Brgy. Sto. Rosario and rode a common jeep to Sta. Juliana which took approximately an hour. A 4x4 jeep service is already waiting for us (contacted by Sir Don) which took us to the Pinatubo Spa Town main office. We shortly look around the spa town and took some pictures. After paying the registration fee for the 4x4 trekking service, Skyway fee and conservation fee. Then we start our trip to Pinatubo crater. It is a rough terrain in our way to Pinatubo. It is full of mud and dust and a very long rough-terrain roler coster ride. As we toss and turn in the 4x4 service, we have seen the beautiful scenery on our way to Pinatubo and as usual took some pictures as souvenir. We have seen a lot of mountains and carabaos taking a bath… oops! Enough about that, we have entered to the Skyway which is a rough road. It took us 1 hour 4x4 riding then we arrived at last. We took our bags and start to hike our way to Pinatubo crater. . ITS TIME TO WALK. It was a very rocky and slippery way down. Afterwards, we have seen the layers of the ashes. Again, we continue our hike with our tour guide. On our way, we’ve seen brook with some color like Cheese whiz. Sctr. Don Concepcion said that it is sulfur that is in the brook. After that great scenery of the Philippine version of Grand Canyon, we came to see a scenery of green mountains. It is very hard in hiking our way to the crater. Next, we came to the stairs with railings up to the crater. Finally, we have reached our goal. We were amazed and astonished of the great view of the Pinatubo crater. There we stop for lunch break. After that sumptuous lunch, we took advantage in taking pictures of the great view. Sctr. Don Concepcion recalled the outdoor code in us before we come near the crater, “Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time”. It is my unforgettable memories this 2008 with the emerald color water which is 2.5km round in crater. We changed our clothes and go all the way down the crater. The water was very cold suiting for the long hot hiking. Again, Picture Picture!

After that we changed our clothes and ready for another hike back. It took us approximately one hour in the hike. In my watch we start hiking back exactly 1PM. On our way back we got some souvenirs like rocks and water from the brook. It was tiring on our way back. Then again, we rode the 4x4 service. Finally, we arrived at the Pinatubo spa town and pay a visit to the information desk. Then we waved goodbye to Mt. Pinatubo. Again the same trip back to Olongapo City, our home sweet home. When I arrived at home, I felt tired, exhausted and hungry. I ate my dinner and have a peaceful rest while watching the TV. Then I saw on channel 2 ABS-CBN in the show TRIP NA TRIP, their trek to Pinatubo which was just what we did this morning, except the spa treatment due to insufficient budget. What a coincidence! I think it is just our destiny to journey and trek the Mount Pinatubo Challenge.

FOOTWEAR is very essential in this hiking so better wear strong but used and comfortably shoes which can survived the rough terrain. Never wear slippers except if you can possibly do it as we have done it. Consider also the socks.
Be careful in riding the 4x4 service. You might rip your pants……!
Always check your things while you ride the 4x4 on rough road. You never know what might happen to your things.
Bring only light pack and bring enough water that is not so heavy to carry.
Never eat while hiking and drink moderately….!
Don’t forget to bring extra clothes and underwear in this trek; it will be very handy in your KULITAN activities!!!
Take care of your footwear please…!

Thought For the Day: THE OUTDOOR CODE“Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time”

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