James L Gordon Scout Council

Monday, February 28, 2005


BSP JLG COUNCIL SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Color Code: Green=Completed, Brown=Recurring


03 - End of National Jamboree
13 - CSE Mtg. (NCR)
15 - Council Youth Forum

17 - B-day of James L. Gordon (1917)
18 - Council School Coordinator's
Meeting at Tapinac E/S

20 - CSE Mtg. (CLR@Tarlac)
27 - Executive Board Meeting and Election


10 - RESCOM Mtg. (NCR)
12 - Coastal Clean-up
11-12 - CJK Program Implementation
(MM West / Marikina Scouting Command)

17 - RESCOM Mtg. (CLR)

20 - Death Anniversary of JLG (1967)

21 - 24 Rover Scouting Training (Cebu)
24 - 25 Annual Round-Up


Fire Prevention Month
04-06 - Regional Correspondent
Seminar Workshop, Youth Forum (NCR)
10 - CSE Meeting (NCR)
11- 13 - Regional Correspondent
Seminar Workshop. Youth Forum (CLR)
17 - CSE Mtg. (CLR)
24-26 - Summer Vacation (SUMVAC)

BSP James L. Gordon Council, Membership Campaign

29-31-National Youth Forum for Luzon, Tuguegarao, Cagayan

Fire Fighting/First Aid Training
Tapinac Sports Complex/Oval
04-May 03 – National Training School (NTS)
09 - Araw ng Kagitingan
14 - RESCOM Reorganizational
Meeting/Election (NCR)
21 - RESCOM Reorganizational
Meeting/Election (CLR)

21-CLR Scout Committee Meeting andElection

James L. Gordon Council ( HOST )

21-Induction of Newly Elected Council Board Members
and Officers

22-29 - Joint ATC for TL
23-29 - Joint ATC for KL


James L. Gordon Council
Summer Activity Month

First Aid Training, Tapinac Sports Complex/Oval

Web Development&Design to be conducted @ Gordon
4pax per district: 1 adult 3 scouts, 2 Pax/computer. Pax must hav access to computer

BSP James L. Gordon Council, Membership Campaign

12 – CSE Meeting (NCR)
16 -17 – Joint Regional Seminar
for Council Auditors
19 – CSE Meeting (CLR)
ANCM (Manila Council Host)


06-Start of Classes for School Year 2005-2006
Council Membership Campaign
09 – CSE Meeting (NCR)
12 – Independence Day
16 – CSE Meeting (CLR)
19- 21 – Kawan Leaders Pow-Wow (CLR)
26- 28 - Kawan Leaders Pow-Wow (NCR)


BSP James L. Gordon Council Membership Campaign and Registration Month

04-Fil-Am Friendship Day
14 - RESCOM Mtg. (NCR)
21 - RESCOM Mtg. (CLR)
22-24 – Joint Regional Trainers


05-Council Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts (TOBS) Selection, Council Headquarters, Ohio Street, Kalaklan

11- Regional Key 3 Conference (NCR)
12- 14 – Joint Regional Kawan Holiday and KAB Olympics
18 – Regional Key 3 Conference (CLR)
19-Manuel L. Quezon DayCelebration

28-National Heroes Day


Alay Lakad
08 – CSE Meeting (NCR)
15 – CSE Meeting (CLR)
Joint Regional TOBS Selection
(Manila Council Host)
24- 28 – NCR Regional Jamboree
28 - Search for the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts (TOBS) National Office, Manila
OCTOBER Scouting Month

01 - Scouting Month ( 1stDay Celebration)


National Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts (TOBS), AwardingCeremony
02-BSP-GSP Council Youth Forum
Tapinac ElementarySchool
7 to 9 - 2005 Council Jamborette
13 - CSE Mtg. (NCR)
14 - CSE Mtg. (CLR)

15-16-48thJamboree on the Air (JOTA),
8THJamboree on the Internet (JOTI)
24-City Scout Official Turn-OverCeremony
Rizal Triangle Multi-PurposeCenter
28 - Joint Regional Timpalakan

01 – Oplan Kaluluwa
10 – Regional Planning Conference (NCR)
17 - Regional Planning Conference (CLR)
24 – Volunteers Day
BSP James L. Gordon Council, MembershipCampaign
30- Dec.4 – 11th CLR Regional Jamboree

James L. Gordon Council (Host)


14 – Regional Key 3 Conference/
Christmas Party (NCR)
15 – Regional Key 3 Conference
Christmas Party (CLR)
30 – Fiesta Parade /
Rizal Day

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

BIR taps Boy Scouts in tax drive

The Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) pledged yesterday to support the tax information campaign of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to help the agency hit its R546-billion collection target for the year.

Makati City Mayor Jejomar Binay, BSP president, and BSP Secretary General Jose Rizal Pangalinan expressed their support when they signed an agreement with BIR Commissioner Guillermo Parayno Jr. and Makati Revenue Regional Director Anselmo Adriano.

Speaking in behalf of Parayno, Revenue Deputy Commissioner for Legal Service Jose Mario Bunag expressed his gratitude and agreed to conduct tax information seminars to BSP members for them to be effective tax information agents.

Binay said the "BSP is more than willing to lend a hand for project like this, Lagi Kaming Handa."

Adriano is optimistic that the BSP’s tradition of patriotism, civic consciousness, and discipline will ensure the success of the tax information drive.

"The Boy Scouts can be effective instruments in encouraging their parents and the tax-paying public to register their businesses in their community and pay correct taxes," Adriano said.

Makati tax fraud chief Roy Tamane, who is the chairman of the Apo Scouting Commission, was instrumental in formulating the agreement between the BIR and the BSP.

Adriano said BSP members will be authorized to roam around commercial centers to report owners of business establishments not using receipts to their customers.

The BSP national executive board came in full force during the signing of the agreement, including Representatives Francisco Aniag, Del de Guzman, and Remedios Petilla as well as Makati revenue region officials, including Assistant Director Maria Nieva Guerrero and the eight revenue district officers

Monday, February 14, 2005


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Mayor Gordon leads the 2nd regular river clean-up drive, with him are SBMA officials, barangay residents, girl scouts and boy scouts (biggest delegation)
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Sunday, February 06, 2005


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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Elow po sa lahat ng scout

This message originated from mobile phone
number +639219777706 of Eagle Scout Vernon Milan

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or Smart users, send SMS to 2071000005202

2005 Scout Youth Forum

2005 Scout Youth Forum
“Minutes of Opening Ceremony”

The forum started with the usual opening ceremony. It was started with a prayer led by Sct. Ivan Gester Lee, then Pambansang Awit led by Sct. Joseph Jaffar Palma followed by Panunumpa ng Katapatan sa Watawat ng Pilipinas led by Sct. Orvin Aspa and the Panunumpa to Batas ng Scout led by Sct. Glenn Erickson Garcia.

Then on welcome remarks given by the New Council Scout Executive Mr. Mark Anthoy Organo and then a briefing and orientation given by Council Training Commissioner Mr. Jacinto Venzon.

On the first plenary session, so then the organizing committee told that every crew must obey their leader and aparture. Then the Organizing Committee told to them to submit a problem and the topic of Group 1 is lack of interest of somebody in joining scouting. Group 2 boy scout and girl scout as one. Group 3 drainage system or Olongapo and Group 4 their lack of knowledge in scouting and they begin the nomination for steering committee at 11:35 a.m. And the elected officer for chairman is Sct. Viner Milan and the Vice Chairman is Ivan Gester Lee and for the Secretary is Kevin Mondrilya and the elected members Bernard Anibersaryo and Wenrow Lackson. Then the turnover ceremony was held with the chairman of the Steering Committee. After the turnover ceremony the participants was given again time to make a resolution of the problem they have given. And they have one hour and three minutes break. And it was closed at 12:00 p.m.

We open the second plenary session at 2:15 p.m. and the session was closed at 4:30 p.m.

Prepared by: Submitted by:

Secretary of the Forum Chairman, Organizing Committee

Chairman, Steering Committee

Opening Program

Prayer - Sct. Ivan Lee
Pambansang Awit - Sct. Joseph Jafar Palma
Panunumpa Ng Katapatan Sa Watawat
Ng Pilipinas - Sct. Arvin Aspa
Panunumpa Sa Batas Ng Scout - Sct. Glenn Garcia
Welcome Remarks - Mr. Mark Anthony Orpiano
Field Scout Executive
Briefing & Orientation - Mr. Maximo G. Venzon
Council Training Commisioner

The Organizers

Organizing committee
Chairman - Sct. Vernon M. Milan
Vice Chairman - Sct. Justine Daduya
Secretary - Sct. Joshua Lim
Members - Sct. Glenn Erickson Q. Garcia

- Sct. Joseph Jafar Palma

Steering Committee
Chairman - Sct. Viner Milan
Vice Chairman - Sct. Ivan Lee
Secretary - Sct. Kevin Mandrilla
Members - Sct. Bernard Aniversario
- Sct. Wenro Lacson


Report of Crew 1

Subject: Scouting membership in James L. Gordon Council is low in number.

Problem: Lack of interest of some boys in joining scouting.

Existing Projects: Some scouts are paying for some boy’s registration for so that they can be registered in scouting.

Agencies Involved: BSP

Resolutions: Concerned teacher’s and scout heads will have a seminar including orienting
teacher’s about encouraging boys to be scouts this seminar will be held on
the start of the school year. Scout heads in each school should propose this seminar.

Report of Crew 3

Problem: Flood because of blocked drainage

Existing Projects: Clean and Green Projects
Tapat Mo, Linis Mo
Tapat Ko, Linis Ko
Subject: Drainage System

Agencies Involved: City Government and BSP, local community

Resolution: We resolved that,
· Proper disposal of garbage is needed
· Brgy, Captains of each barangay should conduct an orientation and seminar on how to maintain their drainage system clean
· Boy Scouts should have community service in every barangay.
· Waste segregation

Report of Crew 4

Subject: The scouts proper attitude and their lack of knowledge in scouting

Problem: Being disobedient of some scouts and they are not well disciplined

Existing Projects: Summer trainings that is compose of smartness and good order.

Agencies Included: Local government, school and the council, BSP

Resolutions: Conduct activities and training which requires hard work so that scouts who are really determined will be known as a good scout by the leaders.
Example of this activity are hiking, global development seminars, tree planting and community services. The activities will be conducted once a month.

Crew Organization

Crew 1

Rozen Lee A. Pineda
Arvin Aspa
Renz Ivan Eugenio

Crew 2

Leader: Lucky Dela Cruz
Asst. Crew Leader: Michael Alano
Members: Reynaldo Yu
Rey John Mejo

Crew 3

Crew Leader: Julius Cesar Gomez
Asst. Crew Leader: Aldwin C. Flores
Scribed: Carlos Padilla Carpio
Raporture: James Bada
Members: Elvin John Gingco
Mark Joseph Dumlao
Jaywardene Orsolino

Crew 4

Crew Leader: Joshua Concepcion
Asst. Crew Leader: Carles Sebial
Raporture: Jaysee Nino M. Poraque
Members: JC Emmanuel Dumlao
Kevin Mardrilla

Closing Ceremony

Challenge ………………………………………. Mr. Mark Orpiano
Prayer …………………………………………….. Ivan Gester Lee
Panunumpa ng Batas ng Scout ………………. Julius Gomez
Pilipinas kong Mahal …………………………… Justine Daduya
Giving of Certificate …………………………….. Mr. Mark Orpiano
Mr. Maximo Venzon
Formal Closing of Youth Forum ……………….. Richard Christian Tolentino
Scout Benidiction ………………………………… Glenn Erickson Garcia

Reynaldo F. Yu OCNHS 4TH 09177899205 Anonymous_rey@yahoo.com
Jaysee Paraque OCNHS 4th 09198309924 Jaysee2chair@yahoo.com
Carlos Padilla M. Carpio OCNHS 4th 09187102622 Soul_hiei03@yahoo.com
Aldwin Flores OCNHS 4th 09213459780 Dark_soul06@yahoo.com
Lucky G. Dela Cruz OCNHS 3rd 09184344326
Emmanuel B. Dumlao OCNHS 1st Vash01_chaos_master@yahoo.com
Joseph Jaftan Palma OCNHS 2nd
Michael Alano OCNHS 4th 09213234301 Mummy_ohemll@yahoo.com
Rey John Mejo OCNHS 4th 09183362097
Paolo Mascarina OCNHS 4th 09198743343 Paolo_1622@yahoo.com
Elvin Gingco OCNHS 4th 09278941331 Cuty-reiny@yahoo.com
Davis Sapuan OCNHS 4th 09185403878 Dave_john45@yahoo.com
Wenro Lacson OCNHS 4th
Glenn Erickson O. Garcia Columban 2nd 09275904892 Noypi_216715@yahoo.com
Julius Cesar Gomez Columban 1st 09212845500 Julius_spongebob03@yahoo.com
Ray Achilles Monsalud Columban 2nd 09183515920 none
Ivan Jester Lee Columban 2nd 09182362085 Smil34lye_12@yahoo.com
Joshua Concepcion Columban 3rd None Unknown_412003@yahoo.com
Viner Milan Columban 2nd None Bamboo_150527@yahoo.com
James Bada Columban 1st 09194283103 jamesbadataba@yahoo.com
Robert B. Deveraturda Columban 4th None None
Justine Daduya Columban 4th 09155903791 Justine_daduya@yahoo.com
Vernon Milan Columban 3rd 09219777706 Vernon_milan2003@yahoo.com
Arvin Aspa Columban 2nd None Ar_vin9090@yahoo.com
Bernard Aniversario Columaban 1st None Kid_lorenz214@yahoo.com
Joe Alfred D. Cajigal III Columban 4th 09218000750 joeordie@pinoymusika.com
Joshua Lim Columban 2nd 09204384264 Philchi_II@yahoo.com
Kevin Mandrilla Columban 1st 09185322579 kevongski@yahoo.com

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