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Friday, March 31, 2006

Turn over ceremony

Boy Scouts of the Philippines James L. Gordon Council had a change of command this week as CSE Ding Ancheta turned over the helm to OIC Mario Esquillo during a simple ceremony held at East Tapinac Elem School Conference Hall

Thursday, March 30, 2006

1st Pinoy to climb Mt. Everest is a Scout

First Filipino scheduled to scale Mt. Everest is a confirmed Boy Scout, he developed interest in mountain climbing during hiking and other BSP activities.

Garduce, BSP

The Philippine team that's training now (in Nepal, i think) are scheduled to start climbing Everest in 2007.

Garduce, on the other hand, another able mountaineer, has set out to join another team (not of Pinoys) who will attempt to climb Everest this year instead (they start this May).

If Garduce succeeds and doesn't die from the attempt... then he'd be the first Pinoy ever to scale Everest... beating the Philippine team :)

The Philippine team will then be second...and could probably just set a record in terms of speed, but they won't ever be the first...

Garduce has often competed with two mountaineers from the Philippine team... about being first to scale other high mountains, and who's quicker to scale these high mountains...

Both Garduce and the Phillipine Team are sponsored by North Face.... and yes, in a way, i think mababawasan yung thunder ng Philippine team (kasi nga they won't be FIRST na) but for the individuals in the team, scaling Everest must be a personal dream they'd want to come true... so Ok na din

and besides, nobody can really stop Garduce from trying :)

Veteran climber seeks to be 1st Pinoy on Everest

By Nikko Dizon

ACCOMPLISHED mountaineer Romeo "Romi" Garduce left yesterday for Nepal on a quest to become the first Filipino to conquer Mt. Everest, the world's highest mountain peak.

Garduce is making the climb to test his limits, to benefit a charity and to instill national pride.

"I guess it's part of self-discovery. I keep on challenging myself," Garduce told reporters when asked why he embarked on such an ambitious goal.

He added: "This is the fourth time I am doing a Climb-for-a-Cause. Our countrymen can support my climb by donating to charity, by making a pledge every thousand feet."

Garduce was in high spirits as he prepared to check in for his Thai Airways flight that would take him to Nepal via Bangkok.

"My bags already weigh 40 kilograms!" he exclaimed, laughing, as he tried to figure out where to put the extra pairs of socks, videocam films, brochures and other paraphernalia that his sponsors had given him.

Asked by the Inquirer when he plans to return to the Philippines, Garduce replied in jest: "Me or my body?"

"My climb could either be successful or kapalit nito ang buhay ko (it could mean my life)," he said.

The thirtysomething systems analyst had mixed feelings about his Everest climb.

"Para kang sundalo na ipapadala sa giyera (You're like a soldier being sent off to war). I have mixed feelings about it. I am happy to be able to do things as planned but at the same time, I'm nervous because of the danger and the pressure [to succeed] because [my climb] has been announced," Garduce said.

At 29,035 feet, Everest is three times the height of Mt. Apo, the Philippines' highest mountain at 9,690 feet. It has claimed numerous lives throughout history, but it has also given fame to those who have conquered it.

Roel Chan, brand manager of North Face, one of Garduce's sponsors together with GMA 7 network, said that a check with the Nepal archives showed that no Filipino has yet attempted to climb Everest, even after the world already marked the 50th year of the first successful climb of Mt. Everest in 1953.

National pride

"It's a matter of national pride as far as Everest is concerned. As for mountaineers, Romi said there's fulfillment in climbing, in pushing your body beyond ordinary limits, and how far the human spirit could take you," Chan said.

He added that Garduce's decision came when he conquered Tibet's Mt. Cho-Oyu (26,906 feet) in September last year.

On Jan. 1, 2005, he became the first Filipino to climb Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere at 22,831 feet.

Chan said all these accomplishments had made Garduce-who began mountaineering as a hobby in 1991 and started taking mountain climbing seriously in 1998-the Philippines' "highest altitude record holder."

For the Everest climb, Garduce said he would acclimatize himself this month and in April by climbing a lower mountain not far from Mt. Everest together with another Filipino climber, Jon Jon Villareal.

Garduce aims to begin the Everest assault in May, teaming up with other climbers from Europe or America.

More dangerous route

He would be taking the Southeast range, from the Nepal side, called the "Hillary route," named after Edmund Hillary, who conquered Everest with Sherpa guide, Tenzing Norgay, in 1953.

"The history's there, the route has glaciers and it's dangerous. This is probably 10 times more dangerous than Cho-oyu," Garduce said.

He read up and researched about Everest as part of his preparation for the climb, aside from undergoing endurance training.

But he stopped reading about Everest last January because he said the anxiety attacks started setting in.

"I'd see the slopes in my mind and the anxiety would creep in," he admitted.

Other peaks to conquer

What's next for the Filipino climber, if and when he succeeds in scaling Everest?

Garduce explained: "It's a never-ending quest. Cho-oyu was a big thing, being a death zone altitude. But after one or two months, the feeling was gone. Bitin eh (It's hanging). I needed to do something more. Everest would probably be the same. After this, I'll rest for a while, then think of something else. Maybe cross the Sahara. There are more dangerous and more difficult mountains to climb."

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


of the James L. Gordon Council, BSP

With the advent of planning to design a better program for the youth, James L. Gordon Council is planning to strengthen its relationship with its long time partners such as the Department of Education, Commission on Higher Education, Sanguniang Kabataan, Office of the City Mayor, and several Non Governmental Organizations (Jaycess,YMCA, Rotary). The project will be dubbed as DREAM TEAM PROJECT!!!

The project aims to gather everyone to design a unified youth program beneficial not only to the youth but for the individual offices and organizations as well.

Monday, March 27, 2006

2 Delegates sent to attend Training for Leaders of Adult

The James L. Gordon Council, with its move to further professionalize the leadership of the local scouting council accepted the invitation extended by CSE Modesto Ancheta (former OIC of James L Gordon and currently the Scout Executive of Bataan Council) and sent two (2) participants to the Basic Training Course for Leader’s of Adult (BTC-LOA) held last March 24-26 at Paran Resort, Samal Bataan.
Hon. Edwin J. Piano (Council 2nd Vice-Chairman) and Mr.Mario Esquillo (Council’s officer-in-charge) attended the BTC-LOA 2006-001. The rare training which happens to be the first ever conducted in the Central Luzon Region was also attended by no less than 38 District Supervisors and Secondary School Principals coming from the Division of Bataan and facilitated by no less than the Regional Scouts Director William Chavez and his elite staff composed of 5 International Leader Trainers and 5 National and Assistant Leader Trainers.
Also part of our pride, Mr. Alberto C. Baviera,Jr. , former Council Scout Executive and currently serving as Administrative Officer of the James L. Gordon Council, was among the Leader Trainers who served as discussants during the training. The council’s next step to undertake now is to share the knowledge to scouts and scouters of the James L. Gordon Council. Very timely for the upcoming Summer Builder’s Leadership Training Academy (PLTC / CLTC /Advancement and Team Building Camp) intended for young leaders coming from several schools in Olongapo. As another trail ahead, the council’s very own Basic Training Course for Troop and Kawan Leaders is already being set for the month of June and July. With the additional knowledge gained, the James L. Gordon Council is looking forward for a more meaningful scouting life in months and years to come.

The essentials, vision, mission, objective, purpose and different youth programs of the scouting movement were discussed in detail and were presented in the whole three (3) days session. Each participant internalized the topics presented and ended with the optimism to put everything in action and somehow fulfill the commitment to help the movement in its fight to ease the ills of society. Each of the participants were given their individual course assignment after the 3-day training. The said assignment must be completed within the period of three months. The BTC-LOA is the pre-requisite for the Advance Training Course for Leaders of Adult.
Positions and distinctions were disregarded during the training duration and humility was given emphasis in order for the training team to convey all the needed learnings effectively. Each participant learned all the aspect of scouting from the World Organization of Scouting Movements (WOSM) down to the smallest scouting unit in the movement. The expected output of the training are new breeds of commissioners and adult leaders who will work to live the scouting ideals with pride, honor and dedication; Leaders who are committed to extend and breathe new life to our nation’s precious treasures- the young boys and girls; Volunteers who share the value of building among our youth the foundation of strong Love-for God, Country, Fellowmen and One’s self.

A show of Support to TOBSPA's call

BROOKE'S POINT, PALAWAN: A Protracted Battle Against Mining

This article was posted in the yahoo group of the Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association (TOBSPA). I decided to post it in this blogsite in order to do my share in spreading this concern to all those who believe in the Battle that these people are fighting for. Mario Esquillo TOBS94,James L. Gordon Council, Olongapo City
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Brookes Point is a small, idyllic town at the southeastern tip of Palawan (voting population, 27,000). It has one of the highest Internal Revenue Allotment in Palawan, yet it is also the second poorest town in the province. Since last year, its citizens have been up in arms over the endorsement given by their town officials to the planned entry of a mining firm. Town officials have endorsed the application of Macro Asia Corp, owned by Filipino-Chinese tycoon Lucio Tan, to explore for nickel and other minerals. The endorsed plan, however, violates several environmental laws. First, the endorsement was given without public consultation, a basic requirement for any environmental clearance. And second, the identified mining area falls within core and buffer zones, which under the Strategic Environmental Plan for Palawan should be "fully protected and free of human disruption". The residents have held sit-down rallies, gone to the dawn mass wearing black shirts on which were written, "NO TO MINING," and have gathered 9, 935 signatures on an anti-mining petition. They have gone around the schools, explaining that they could do without mining since their town is earning enough from agriculture, and that the proposed mining would only harm their environment and might leave them poorer than before. Once they understood the issue, even the children and the youth joined the protests; after all, it is their future at stake. They, too, were signatories to the petition against mining. Last year they had their faces painted as they joined a rally against their town officials the day after Christmas. Young professionals who were working in Manila, even applied for a permit to rally in front of Macro Asia's office in Makati. The Makati government denied it, saying they were all tied up at the SEA Games and could not assign security personnel to the rally. Town officials have so far turned a deaf ear. After all, if Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo could ignore the people's cries, here in Manila, for a credible government, why not the town officials of Brookes Point in Palawan? Now the residents are talking about a recall petition for their town mayor, the vice-mayor, and pro-mining councilors. The logistics of the recall alone would cost P2.5 million.The people have no money, and no political organization to match that of their local officials. But they are determined, courageous, and willing to sacrifice. This gives them creativity and power that no money can buy. Several non-government and civic organizations conducted the public fora and led the protests, but in the end, all these were done by ordinary people, who believed that citizens have the right to determine their future. In behalf my townmates, I would like to appeal for TOBSPA's help( in whatever way possible) in campaigning for the protection of Southern Palawan from further environmental abuse.

Jose Manuel F. Alba
TOBSPA' 91, Palawan Council

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The 1st James L. Gordon Council’s
Open InvitationalEagle and Venturer Scout’s


May 2006

Olongapo City, Subic Bay


The 1st Open Invitational Eagle and Venturer Scouts Rendezvous is an event which will gather and unite the scouts coming from the two highest ranks in the Philippine Boy/Senior Scouting Program. Line-up of Fun and Fellowship Activities, Cultural Exchange programs, Scouts Conference, SBMA and City Tour, Fun Run and Beach Bash awaits each of the participants, a great chance to experience FUN, LEARNING, and ADVENTURE in the great scouting tradition.

The activity is open to all scouts, as we all believe, Once a scout will always be a Scout. Which is why I am calling all the scouts, High-School, College, Professionals, whatever you may be doing at this stage in life, take this time to unite once again with Fyour brothers for the joy, fun, adventure and the cost of helping the adventure of a lifetime....SCOUTING! lets all be in it again!!!

For more information send me an email at me_geyo@yahoo.com with your contact info, Full-name, affiliation and some short info about yourself, Hurry, limited slots only!!!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Our Very Own Newsletter

The Scouts Dimension
the council's first step to reach-out to the community

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After the meeting held last March 9, 2006, the proposed Newsletter "Scouts Dimension" was approved for distribution to Schools, scouts, scouters and Officers of the James L. Gordon Council. This is one of the council's way of improving the ways of conveying informations. This way, awareness will be strengethen and hopefully support will follow.

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Page 2 Page 3

Initially, the newsletter will be presented in a small 8.5" X 11" (Short Bond Paper) as shown in the figures above. The said newsletter will convey informations about the council's activities and other vital informations about the scouting movement.

For copies of the initial issue for March 2006, simply email us at me_geyo@yahoo.com, or at bsp@yahoo.com

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