James L Gordon Scout Council

Friday, July 06, 2007

Gov Camp

Governance Camp for Emerging Anti-Corruption Scout Crusaders Kicks-off

James L. Gordon Council- An active Paricipating Council

It's all set, 52 Scouts from all over Luzon emerged as successful participants to the forthcoming Governance Camp for Emerging Anti-Corruption Scout Crusaders this July 8-13, 2007 at the Phil. Scouting Center for the Asia Pacific Region, Mt, Makiling, Los Banos Laguna, 3 of them are from James L. Gordon Council.

The Ten Outstanding Boy Scouts of the Philippines Association (TOBSPA) headed by their chairman Redempto Parafina (of GWatch);through the support of the PARTNERSHIP FOR TRANSPARENCY FUND and with close coordination with the BSP National Office; packed all the necessary needs to put the final touches together for the 6-days camp. (TOBSPA is the association of former awardees of the prestigious Ten Outstanding BSP search which started in 1989).

The stage of gathering the potential scouts for interview and selecting the best among them was over and done, now the GovCamp team will be implimenting the module which was designed to impart the Key concepts and principles on corruption, governance and transparency, methodoloogies and strategies for transparency work and other resources to develop Scout Leaders into transparency cadres. The 6-day camp will seek not only to educate, but more so to inspire and encourage the scout participants to launch their own transparency initiatives in their own respective communities. The good part about this project is the unique opportunity for each scout to attend this camp ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Scout. Kenny Ralph Fernando, Scout Julius Ceasar Gomez both of Columban College-HS Main, and Scout Angel John Dumlao of OCNHS-SSC TOBSPA will be representing the Council during the weeklong camp, they will be joined by Scout Ramir Ronquillo (OWS-HS) as observer. To even paint the picture clearer, TOBSPA also appointed Mr. Mario Esquillo, the James L. Gordon Council Scout Executive (OIC) who also happens to be a TOBS awardee himself for the year 1994) to serve as Camp Director to orchistrate the whole camp activity.

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