James L Gordon Scout Council

Monday, June 19, 2006

Flag Raising Led by Local Scouts

Rizal's Birthday

Boy Scouts from James L. Gordon Council was joined by Mayor Bong Gordon during this morning's commemoration to celebrate the birthday of our National Hero, Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


The Freedom Rendezvous was held last June 10-12, 2006 at Olongapo City, Subic Bay, Philippines. This event was sponsored by Smart Telecoms, Pepsi Cola Products Olongapo, Violet's Hotel, and supported by Chowking Olongapo, Courtyard Inn Subic Bay, Mcdonalds Olongapo and Zanzibar Hotel Magsaysay Drive Olongapo. Complete reports will be posted soon.

Complete Report about the FREEDOM RENDEZVOUS to be posted Soon.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

On the second thought...
Nobody's perfect afterall

2nd part of my comment about DAVAO!

After my first week in Davao, I have come to realize that nobody is really perfect afterall, Well in the long sense of observation, Davawenyos are ironically, both sweet and bitter at the same time. Let this be my honest comment not to insult but to clearly define Davawenyos on my personal point of view. (I dont mean to directly pinpoint anybody....and this is deffinetly not in GENERAL, just for laughs!!)

Talk about distance:

- if they say " DYAN LANG YUN" that means 5KMs, cute di ba?
- if they say "malapit lang yun" thats a minimum of 7 blocks...and up he he he he!!!!

on sweetness:

- they always say "sad" after greeting you back....SAD sila ganon, he he he
ex. You: maayong buntag
Ans: maayong buntag sad
- they call their 60 minutes speech as "short talk", pano na lang pag "long talk"
- they try to LOVE their visitors with unlimited RICE...ano ba yun RICES kasi plural, hek hek

On camp management and programs

- In general, the camp was well manage, few lapses were seen, and its quite normal, afterall, in
my scouting years I have never been to a Jamboree na walang putik, walang problema sa
tubig at walang probleme, i believe the organizers have done their JOB well, Great job
DAVAO. However, allow me to make this comment para makarating naman sa organizers.

Harsh words against any scout, scouters, or any participants should have been discussed
in a small group, not announced in the Public Address system for the whole BIMP-EAGA
Jamboree partipants to here....

Cigarette Issue- the issue against the 2 adlt leaders should have been solved via a written
memo, with necessary sanctions and penalties and should have never been used to
popularized the city's Law on Anti-smoking. With all due respect, I purely support the said
law, I am a non-smoker myself, but I also respect the rights of each scouts to be protected
from PUBLIC HUMILITY, Lessons can be learned using the right way, the corporate way
and the ethical way. Dragging the names of those two scouters caught smoking inside the
camp over the local Radio, in the local TV and LIVE on stage of the BIMP-EAGA is the most
embarrassing experience I had here in Davao, not for me but for the whole BSP community.
Havent they heard of a memo, or suspension or perhaps FINE of a sort.

The Curfew- Its good, its a good way to keep the camp safe

The Congee' - pa-LBC naman sa gapo....

The Activities- All good, kakapagod lang talaga ang Jambo race, Galit ba kayo sa
amin???? anyway, its quite an expereince.. Bravo to you Davao

The BANANA Fever- Next time, samahan nyo naman ng SUHA!!! o kaya po Durian...
Promise, pag-uwi ko ng Olongapo, I wont eat Banana for one month, akalain mo
Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, Dinner, Mid-night Snack, BANANA... Thanks for
the treat

The Camp Fire- It should have been solemn and symbolic, nagmukhang normal program
lang because the CIRCLE was broken, scouts walk right in-front of the stage, others walk at
the Jambo Market, while others do their own things, the light is too bright, and the
sequence should have been yell, song, or skit, I dont know , baka nasanay laang ako sa camp
fire namin.
Yarn: by scouts definition, is a short, true story with "morals" where scouts can relate along
their way back to their tents after a campfire..... forgive me but I am really disgusted with
the the way the Yarn was delivered during the grand campfire.... It wasnt a yarn, and I dont
blame the speaker, somebody, among the scouters should have given him about what
"YARN" is really meant. According to one scouter a yarn is not meant to praise a person
who has done his obligations and responsibilities, and I don thinsk I aggree with him, did
anybody here a clap after the yarn?

The People/Scouts/Scouters:

Its a mixture of Mataray, masayahin, mahiyain, atbp.... They are all normal, may iba lang na
medyo Taklesa makitungo sa ibang participants....as what I have said, they are just

More comment on my next blog

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